September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

By:Marquise Womack

Why when I was first born you wasn’t there.
Why have I never felt how you hold me?
Why when I started to walk you wasn’t there to see me take my first step or first fall
Why when I cried you never picked me up.
Why was I never trained to say daddy.
Why I never went to daddy daughter dance
Why I never knew your true feelings
Why it’s always excuse after excuse
Why when I told you my feelings you ran the other way
You can ran but you can’t hide
Why have I only seen you maybe 5 times?
Why can’t I capture a good moment we had
Why don’t we have pictures together?
Why don’t you do the things you say you will do
Why do I have to bang my head into a brick wall?
Why do I feel unloved?
Why should I talk to a stranger?
Why should I try to make a connection?
When you don’t want to be connected
Why should I waste my tears for you
Why should I question about you
When I get no answer
Why should I waste words on you if it will go in one ear out the other?
Why should I give you another chance if nothing will change?
Why should I let you watch me graduate when you didn’t help?
Why do I even question myself about you?
Why do you push me away?
Why should I tell you my life?
Why do you pop in and out my life?
Why do you apply yourself as a part time dad?
Why should I stress over you
Why should I honestly do anything?
Why do I even……

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