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The Other Child

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I have often felt like an outsider
The one who doesn’t fit in
I was always the other girl
The friend’s friend
That girl that was not cool
The one who’s only life was school I was the other child

Mom had a boyfriend
Dad had a girlfriend
I was the first one
I wasn’t meant to happen
Dad’s girlfriend had other kids
Mom’s boyfriend didn’t want them
I was the item that had no bids
I was the other child

Mom has 2 sons and me
Dad has 2 daughters 2 sons and I
I’m the only child that lives a double life
No friends
But I’ve learned how to make amends
Never supported
Probably should have been aborted
Often I was considered the other child

Could you tell me that I was the center
When I was often the sign that said ‘do not enter’
Did anyone care
Do my parents know I’m still there
Well I’m here and I have no more tears

The other child.

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