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September 29, 2011
By Keyy.Simone BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Keyy.Simone BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I am an American
Born June 25, 1994, at Sinai Grace
With a beautiful face
I grew up to be a confident female
I am quiet, but can be loud
But I am petite
I feel like sometimes i have to shout
But i am a lady
I don't like to be out in the open
I would rather stand back from other people
I read
I write
I am not like most females
I like to be alone
I like to stay in
Most people don't understand me
i get irritated very easily
But i don't have a problem
I like pink
I hate white
I am an Angel
But i have my moment
The moment i act like a demon
I shine like a light
I stay in the dark
I Am Kiana

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