Alive to Say to You

February 28, 2008
Alive to say to you
Life is not a game
You cannot be the same
After this you cannot be the same
And I used to feel so dead and cold
Now this is old memories of no more,
Because all this pain stops at the door
Today I feel
Full of drive
Fully able to survive
To endure the death of me and you
So just shut up,
And stop whining.
I am never with you again
We all sin
But the way you do
You make me feel so worthless,
You make me feel so useless
So hopeless
Like I am no better than the dirt you walk on
And the days of depression
Where you were my oppression
The days where I felt so dead
So cold
But today I'm
Full of drive,
Ready to survive
I'm alive
You hear your name in my screams,
Your face is no longer in my dreams,
I'm alive
I'm alive
Never again will you hurt me.
I am not dead.
These cold eyes,
Look straight through you.
I am alive.

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