O, Nuit D'Etoiles

February 27, 2008
O, nuit d’étoiles, how beautiful thy light is
which casts the world in a translucent glow.
Your radiance empowers the soul with the mysteries and deceptions of night.
A shining sun sinks below the color-stained sky,
leaving behind the seemingly endless and seductive darkness.
vast night encompasses the globe like the vaulted ceilings of gothic cathedrals, towering overall it surveys,
enforcing its imposing stature upon any who defy it.
O, nuit d’étoiles.

All is silent, still, attentive.
What is this that covers the land in a blanket of darkness?
That softly caresses those who look for it,
hiding reality behind its screen of stars and peacefulness.
Quietly, disturbing, night sings.
It captivates; stunning sounds of love, laughter and longing,
painting pictures of valiant knights and exhilarating adventures.
Night lulls me further into its woven trance.
Soon I am beyond all that I know.
Night has taken me as its passenger on a trip across the stars.

O, nuit d’étoiles, how magnificent thou art in every way.
The breeze picks me up and night takes me away.
Up and up I go, towards the brilliant stars.
The music dims, but yet I am held more firmly in its spell.
Night is like the silent spider—
infinitely wise, crafty and a spinner of tangling webs.
The world becomes distant as I continue my ascent with night—
it whispers, soothing me into a sleep-like trance.
All is beautiful. The lies of day have vanished.
Its power now complete.

O, nuit d’étoiles!
My head grows heavy—my ephemeral companion drifting away.
The heavenly tunes wane as I fall back to Earth.
The sun’s radiant beams creep above the horizon, eager
to banish the last remnants of my guide.
Life stirs. Reality returns.
You descend, entering once more into the sun’s domain.

O, nuit d’étoiles
Is night gone or waiting on the other side of the sky
with the stars, ready to again carry me
away on its ascending journey?
O, nuit d’étoiles,
Thy brevity is too fleeting for my mortality.
Return, O, nuit d’étoiles and carry me away once more.

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