You were My Bandage

February 27, 2008
By Christian Gonzales, Phoenix, AZ

I hope you know that you were my bandage

You were the one who helped me out

Anything, you were there, no matter the situation that was occurring

I always counted on you, you were like my tourniquet
Bleeding you made it stop, pain you eased it, and laughing you made it easier

You see, you were that special person that meant the world to me

You were the one that made me feel good, for my ideas that were exploding like billions of grenades

I never realized it was you who made me so jealous of myself because I was great

Inside, you never knew how fast the blood was flowing

Every time I was able to see your face, it made my heart jump

That smile of yours would make me feel dazzled because I made that smile

You were that bandage that I can't forget and ever stop to think about

I hope you know that you were my bandage who would make me be able to make it through my life no matter how much the cost was

Every ounce you were my bandage, it provided me to cause, to cause a new and better me

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