September 25, 2011
By ne131078 BRONZE, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
ne131078 BRONZE, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
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I am my own enemy/
In a constant state of boxing my own shadow/
Dismantling the instruments of my inner symphony –/
Deafening myself from my own echo/

I am my own beast/
Raging on an inner war that never ends/
Ending sentences that I never spoke as if my thoughts have ceased/
Tying up my hands so they cannot extend/

I am my own saboteur/
Cutting roots to never grow/
Feeling as if there’s something more/
Something pent up long ago/

I am my own drought/
Slowly killing what time has built/
Destroying any hopeful flowers that threaten to sprout/
Condemning all beauty to die and wilt

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when thinking about what is responsible for the pain and loss in one's life. Is it external forces or could it be internal, possibly one's own self?

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