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Dove And Hawk

September 10, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Dawn is breaking through the magenta and icy skies

Where the birds hum the graveside calling, memories sketched onto our skins

Riverbed by the city lights all our dreams of being so much more

Getting older getting rowdy for the life ahead, never knowing where our dreams lay

The distance getting shorter as our futures are getting bright

We're jackboot heel and guttermouth, always ready to defend our rights

Knife on my side gun in my holster and Jack Daniels for the road

A thousand miles away from suffering where the people are so cold

All these years I'm getting older living fast dying old

Embrace another day in hell where the stories are never told

I'll take these secrets to my grave and the reaper flies on by, saying

" You'll haunt these highways forever, spend your life wondering why "

Night crawls into the city life, where the roads are dark and barren

The people sleep with unease because never is there a certainty in life

A confliction somewhere in your soul, god knows we'll never be the same

Our path may be misunderstood, but this is the only life we've ever known

The distance is getting longer, and our futures are getting grim

We'll ride on until the day we die, even when that light is getting dim

Blood in blood out family sticks together freedom from the law

Never going down without a fight, all for one and one for all

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