Our World

February 27, 2008
our world is made up of light and darkness. both are coherent in our world; both balanced in perfect order. light is connected to darkness. as darkness is connected to light. when the balance is shifted our world could be a euphoria of peace or our world could can be a shifted to world of chaos, death, and anomaly. light and darkness must co-exist to shape our world.light is the fondation to all that is good but when darkness is taken over our world will be plundge because of our sins,that will blanker our hearts as well as our world leaving light to only be plundged as well. but light can be found in the most darkest abyss as a beacon of hope. it's up to us to make sure that beacon isn't snuffed out by the darkness, but it's our duty to rebulid it and restore balance to our world.

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