I Fell in Love... Wow!

February 26, 2008
By talesha cahill, Houston, TX

When i think of you,
I think completion,
Because baby in my eyes you are the reason,
Why i smile,
Why i breath,
Why i get so weak in the knees,
Pleasing you is my everyday need,
I could never cheat,
Because baby your all i see,
When i close my eyes,
I easily sleep,for i know ill have you to wake up to,
I hit the snooze in the morning so i can dream a little more about you,
People call me sprung over you,
But i don't care because its true,
Never been the lovesick type,but you make me wanna love you right,
I cant help but feel this way,
You always brighten up my day,
I never thought id say,
But that all changed the day i met you,
For my feelings got deeper and deeper,
I know your a keeper,
My love for you will always grow so baby don't you ever go,
Stay with me forever,nobody could love you better,
threw whatever weather,
I'm your protector,
Your voice when you cant speak,
Your eyes when you cant see,
Your strength when you are weak,
I wanna be your everything,
I know i don't express feelings much,
But iv expressed more with you then anybody else,
Because this is true,who would've ever knew,
Id fall in love,but i did,i fell for you,
And now i just prey to god i never lose you!

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