The Secrets the Tide can Bring

February 26, 2008
Sweeping in and sweeping out
You move the bustling crowd about
letting them know of my presence.
Your soothing waves refresh me
They ease my soul and relax my mind

My life though somehow reminds me of you tide
With the way things seem to constantly change around me.
My troubles come in and my fears go out
The bubbling mist you bring about is a sign of things to come
A sign of the mysteries of my life finally coming unveiled
When the tide comes in so do the secrets of my life, they become exposed to world
But when the tide goes out they seem to vanish like they were never there

You tide though one of the most simple of Gods creations
Is also one of the most intense parts of my life.
I rest in the relaxing waves while you tide comfort me with your arms

I feel at home

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