Oceanic Gold to Land'sDust

February 26, 2008
The ocean possesses many treasures
Not bragging or stealing to have them
But this hydraulic perfection shares
The waves know no greed and the sea sees no sin
While devilish creatures abide a drier land
Themselves they adore and always ask for more
Ignorant to the gifts the sea has given him
This man knows no satisfaction
And until the sun stops shining
He’ll never emerge into a polyamorous being
Man will drink his own blood never to reach a day of atonement
When skin is tight and blood is scarce
Not a minute granted with pure happiness
This man will beg for more and more as from birth to sepulcher
And the waves will never stop rolling

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noodles said...
Oct. 4, 2008 at 2:47 am
dis is bootiful
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