February 26, 2008
Painted scenery of yellow and gold
decorating the earth in shadows
of deep blues and purples

The tall evergreen trees shine bright
green in the fading light
all around me is the coolness of the forest, deep in the heart of Montana

The rich browns of the tree trunks and
ground, the deep greens of the trees,
and the light greens of the moss and grass

Multicolored stones poke up through
the pine needles rough-hewn and sharp,
like jagged teeth, eating up the earth

silently, I emerge. The world ends
in front of me, going on into endlessness...
blue sky where the sun kisses the snow-capped

painting the sky in brilliant hues
decorating the earth in all her glory
I stand amazed

Watching, as the earth is enveloped in light
then in darkness, as the sun fades away
behind the western mountanns

I turn and leave my perch
on the edge of the world
and return to the rhythm-
the rhythm of my everyday world.

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