Scholar Bowl Tournament

February 26, 2008
By Nathan Templon, Wichita, KS

On a crisp autumn day,
on a stuffed school bus,
our team awaited the test
of our season.
We braced ourselves
for the challenges
we would face,
and readied our knowledge
for the ultimate test.

As we entered the school
and began the first match
our Scholar Bowl team
scored point after point.
Then the other team
got on a roll, and
almost caught us, but
we barely won.

After a time in
the homeroom,
we began our next game
A tradeoff of answers
that was too close
for comfort,
and victorious we were,
but only just.

The next challenge came,
the Jaguars it was.
They were down one member,
and it hurt them much,
for we won again,
and by a surprising amount.

The league battle was next,
the final showdown,
against the best
of the best,
our equal in every way.
We knew we must win
for the sake of our school,
the Trojans.

As we began, the score
was close, and
stayed close.
The pressure mounted,
we answered with
all our hearts,

and triumphed!
The title was ours,
it was a glorious time
to return to our school
on a red carpet.
To be in the spotlight
for once.
Just once.

But it was not to be.
An announcement,
that’s it.
Nothing more.

I guess we aren’t football.
Just smart.
Just us.

Just us.

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