February 26, 2008
You said that we be together forever.
But together is a very long time.
You said that you would protect me.
But that protection became abuse.
You asked me to marry you.
And I was an idiot for saying yes.
You told me not to be afraid of life.
But I'm scared to death.
You told me it was you against the world.
But your wrong its me against the world.
You told me that hatred wasn't a word.
But I live through a life of hatred everyday.
You told me that you will always be here for me.
But where are you now.
You told me to never cry.
But I'm drowning in my own tears.
You told me to express myself.
But how can I when nobody is listening.
How can I do anything when your not here with me to face these problems.
I guess lif just ruins you from inside out.
And now the person that I onced loves turned out to be a jerk just like you.

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