Jagged Hole

February 25, 2008
By Noah Morrison, Providence, RI

His Shoulders hunch as his body Shakes,
The bitter cold casting a shadow over his mind
The man stands alone trying to recall,
When it was that the sun last shone upon his frozen figure

Her eyes pierce the heart, leaving there only a jagged hole
Cold, so Cold the bitter wind invades
The heart beats feebly, the wings of butter flies that once lifted his soul
He looks again into those eyes trying again to recall their sun like warmth.

Memories flow, threatening to break free
A river of thoughts that seep, like blood from that jagged hole.
Twisting tendrils of the mind explore those secret places
together they would sit, smiling faces, shining like candles in the darkness.

The man walks on, trembling, almost unable to stand.
He fights to stem the endless tide
A jagged hole to heal
To once again feel the drumbeats of the heart

Footsteps approach,as hardened eyes turn, expectant.
An angel treads this world, Her fingers brush the skin
Warmth Blossoms, Eyes Sparkle, Lips Kiss.
heart beats once more, soon healing that jagged hole.

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