Freedom (or the Idea)

February 24, 2008
is untrue, impossilbe, and pathetic.
a nation (or a few) tend to claim
that freeddom is theirs.
a middle school, a high school
or even a college graduation
tends to claim freedom is theirs,
a peaceful feild overflowing with
rich color and a soft breeze
tends to that claim freedom belongs to it,
a golden symphony of birds
singing in the summers sun,
claims that freedom lies in them
and a poet whose words are
the one pure comfort that she can seek
claims that she posesses freedom,
the nation, the graduation, the feild,
the birds, the poet
all are slaves of time.
slaves of this thing
called life, slaves to a continual mountain
whose peak is a lie.
so really
freedom, (or the idea)
is untrue, impossible, and pathetic.

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