War and Wisdom

February 24, 2008
You think I’m great, but I’m not.
You think I’m great because I have flash
And I know how to make you gaze
At the lightning whips I crack above your heads.

You think I’m great because I help you
When you’re scared
And alone and confused.
I take your hands
And whisper the answers into your straining ears
And put you back on your feet.

You think I’m great because I lead you
When you can’t take any more
And you rage, you rend the air
With your cries.
But you are weak
So I rage with you
And make you win.

You pray to me.
But do you know who I am?
I fly on silent wings
And shatter the night
With blasts of thunder.
I weave things of beauty
And wage bloody war.
I lift you above the clouds
And drag you
To your deaths.

Who is she who is so much?
I wear a helmet because I’m scared
To see my face in the mirror of my shield.
You see a goddess
But I might see a monster
And I’m afraid.

You think I’m wise
But the truth is that
I know too much.
I see everything.
I understand you.
I understand my father.
I wonder if I’m insane.
I’m not really like the others
But I guess I’m no different.

If you know who I am
You know more than me.

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