What Does All This Amount to?

February 24, 2008
By Jada Fitch, Lawrenceville, GA

What does all this amount to?
Lifeless bodies and ultimate heartache
Shattered dreams and broken spirits
A newborn without a father, like music without any lyrics
Destruction and chaos all around
Another body laid to the ground
One shot here two shots there
Does our president even care?
I think to myself when is this war going to be stopped?
I don’t want to hear another bomb drop
Another catastrophe in the making
It seems like our world is aching
They say this is a free country
But why do so many people feel trapped in pain?
As if they’re going insane
Is there a cure for this hateful downfall?
Does anyone know how it feels to be in a soldiers shoes at all?
Unity and peace is all we need
Maybe then will we finally succeed?
What does all this amount to?

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