Daydreams and My Tormenting Prison

February 23, 2008
By Amanda Hanke, Spokane Valley, WA

Daydreams consume her world, her life
where people notice, people love, people care
She sits in a dark and lonely place not a ray of light to brighten her heart
She turns uncaring, unemotional, not caring for anything or anyone
Wanting to be alone, needing her darkness
Her dreams let her do anything, her music helping her visualize
Slowly dying, slowly hurting
hiding the scares of pain and loneliness
Seeing the world differently, to get away from everything,
she locks herself away, in the dark her light
A hole in her heart, which can never be filled
nothing no one to fill it, she lays alone
She says she doesn’t need anyone, or anything
She never shows that she is crying, inside or out
She doesn’t want sympathy or praise
She wants someone to hold, someone to care
She knows this will never happen, at least not for her
Daydreams take over, she passes everyone by
head hanging low, not in shame, but in loneliness
No one to listen, no one to tell her
that she will be alright

My Tormenting Prison
If roses could bleed would they?
If I bleed would you care?
If roses could change their colors with the mood would they?
If I showed my true feelings, would you notice?
Lying in my prison, my life, my world consumed by masks of lies
Wishing for the torment to end, my pain, my suffering
My mask shows what I want to feel, they hide what I am feeling
Wanting, needing, love, hate
Love, in which we share a special bond with another
Something I cannot share, something I cannot have
The yelling, the screaming, my world consumed by sounds of pain, torment, death
The screams of the tormented, groans of the dying
Enjoying these sounds, I lay listening, smirking
Surrounded by my enemies, my friends
Those who enjoy the pain, the torment
We search for new victims, to show our suffering
We live to torment, to mask our emotions
I lay listening, smirking to the sounds of pain and suffering

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