Not Once...

September 10, 2011
By xrichierich BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
xrichierich BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
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" Started not to give a f-ck and stop fearing the consequence." - Drake

So much I've done for you. Not once did you thank me.
I tried proving myself in your eyes.
Not once did you acknowledge me.
I sacrificed so much for you.
Not once did you appreciate it.
You've taken everything from me.
Not once did you even apologize.. and mean it.
When I was down and out,
Not once did you help me up.
But I know your weakness.
That's right.
I know your weakness.
So when you call upon me,
I will smile at you.
I will do what you need me to.
I will acknowledge you.
I will show you the kindness you never showed me.
I will show you the happiness you never had.
Because inside, you will hate me. You will make me do more.
You will try to make me hate.
Not once will I give in. Not once will I apologize.
Not once will you think of my happiness, but over and over you will.
And when I'm gone, not once will you forget me.

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