It Could be a Difference

February 23, 2008
By Jessica Rutsky, Solon, OH

There’s so much I want to say
Just scream out at you
And tell you everything
My heart screams at me.
Tears stain my cheek
And I hold it in
as it eats away every day
Slowly turning my insides out
My hopes to worthless doubt.

Never the right time—
I keep telling myself
That it’s never the right time.
But time eats away at the days
And I feel you drifting
Farther and farther
From my feeble grasp
And now I want more
than I could ever ask.

If standing up to you
And standing up for us
For once
Will do any good
I want it done.
But all I foresee,
All I fear
Is more pain and frustration
Than you or I can afford.

I hold my friends up in one hand—
I refuse to stop supporting you.
But with the other I hide my face
Away from your glances.
You’ll never know something’s wrong.

I don’t know what to do anymore.
Can you tell me
The difference between
What is right and what must be done?
All I want to do is help you, any way I can.

Is there a difference?

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