Heart of Darkness

February 23, 2008
Droopy, sagging, lidless
cesspools of warmth.
Colorless, shapeless, searching farther
Looking for the comfort of death’s
final breath—the endless void.
Calling into the darkness,
“Beseech me, O my soul.”
Cries of longing for an answer
to that question which defies
the universe.

Why have you forsaken me?

Unflagging, onward—
The days move by like seeds of a dandelion; no, more timely.
To and fro, the pendulum swing interrupted.
Time ticking, tricking, sticking.
Defiance of observation.
Paling, falling, spiraling

Why have you abandoned me?

Hope dangles—
the kite string of promise.
Oh, of childhood we could not remember.
The days when morning was our companion;
time is of the essence.
Nowhere to turn, but
for the face that breaches the sky.
Sunlight shines falsely,
moonlight welcomes harshly.

Is there anybody out there?

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