Catching Hope

August 28, 2011
By Anonymous_Me DIAMOND, Marble Hill, Missouri
Anonymous_Me DIAMOND, Marble Hill, Missouri
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~Shakespeare (Macbeth)

There's nothing left.
What could I hope for
If there's no hope?
''Well, you can't hope for more hope.''
Yes, I know that.
Could I catch it somehow?
''No net can catch Hope.''
How do I get it, then?
It's not buried in the ground
Underneath my feet.
I know it won't fall from the clouds
Like the rain.
''Have you tried looking in yourself?''
Myself is hopeless. That's why I'm looking for hope, remember?
''Oh, yes. Well, has someone ever given you hope before?''
So, hope is a gift?
Something that only others you love
Can give?
''Well, it's a start.
Who do you trust?''
No one.
They've all hurt me before.
''Try looking for someone else, then.''
''You must catch love.''
But I do not have love.
''Just find it somewhere. Don't ask me where or how, because I don't know.''
Back to hope.
It's a gift? Are you sure?
''Yes. Now, if you want hope, go find it!''

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