This is For You

February 17, 2008
By Morgan Bettis, Ames, IA

&& Im stuck in this place where there are no answers.
No people to help me up when Im down.
No one to keep me up when I am up.
No one that understands what's going through my head.
No one to asnwer my questions.
No one who can say the right thing.
With a bunch of other people trying to figure them selves out.
With backstabbing, lieing, cheating, crying, and fake smiles.
With boys who are rude to girls.
Girls who throw up to make the boys want them.
Boys are think they are better then everyone.
Girls who cant get over them selves.
Boys who cheat.
Girls who lie.
People who cant say no or let go.
People who steal.
And everyone is pushing and shoving to grow up.
People who are stuck in this small town, trying to get out.
People looking for answers.
Bashing others for there own needs.
Needing drugs to be happy and calm.
Pschyatrists who think they know everything about you, after knowing you for a day.
Friends, who arent honestly your friends.
Defining love.
Saying I love you, doesnt mean a thing anymore.
Broken hearts.
Suicidal notes.
Time being such a big thing.
Getting older is a good thing.
Life is a bad thing.
Judging others, when chances are your the exact same.
Im stuck in this world, called the world of teenagers.
Maybe staying young means more to me then it does to you.
Loosing people maybe hurts me more then it does it.
Memories stick with me more then they stick with you.
Words run through my head longer then they run through yours.
Tears run out of my eyes more then they run out yours.
I'm living life, and Im not looking to the future or to the past, Im only looking to the present.
&& I hope I can be the one to carry you out when you get stuck in the buring flames

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