Blinded By Bleach

August 21, 2011

Why do you pretend that you're perfect, oooh.
Do you really intend to hurt the ones that love you?
I guess sometimes we do that.
I guess sometimes we are bad.
I guess sometimes we don't see.
I guess sometimes we act like,
we've been Blinded by Bleach

You try to smile but you know you regret it.

You would walk a mile but that's not what they expected.

You do everything in your ability , hoping they'd appreciate.

They just lift their over-confident chins up and try not to be late.
Eventually you fall to your knees and wonder where you went wrong.

You know you shouldn't blame yourself.
You know you have to stay strong.

It angers you to see them walk right past, with their backs to you.

You know when you've had enough.
You know you've lost belief in truth.

You don't care anymore about what they do or say.
'Cause they'd just go on anyway.

You tried to take the blindfold off.
You tried to make them see.

But I guess you can't cure the ones that have been,
Blinded by Bleach

The author's comments:
There are always people who try so hard but yet it's never enough for the ones they're trying to please.
This poem is dedicated to those who Eventually gave up trying...

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on Dec. 4 2011 at 8:13 pm
GirlswithGruesomeGladiators100 GOLD, Toronto, Other
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aww thank-you hun <3

on Dec. 4 2011 at 7:54 pm
ToraNoKage SILVER, Unavailable, Other
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Dude, this is AMAZING!!!

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