March 7, 2008
By Tyler Miller, Clarkston, MI

I’m so lucky yawl.
I’m the brightest star in the sky.
I have my fans, and my manager,
I’m happier than ever.
I even performed at the
VMAs, it was the best.
How was I supposed to know that the
limousine was taking me to rehab.

But I think I did it again, ya’ll.
Now my beautiful brunette hair’s gone, my kids are gone, even
K-Fed’s gone.
Where has my mind gone?

It is driving me crazy ya’ll,
all this insanity in my life,
the cameras are constantly flashing against my Gucci glasses,
I’m as blind as a bat.
It’s sad when the paparazzi become your only friends.
They can’t even help me.

But I am Britney B***h!
It’s my prerogative.
I’ve become stronger than I was yesterday;
I’m not that innocent.

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