The Carnival

March 7, 2008
Step right up.
Come one, come all.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Take your best shot, it’s only a game.
What have you got to lose? A little time, money?
But you’ve got time; your beauty reflects in you pools of youth,
Don’t beg for your youth to leave you,
Hard weathered ruggedness will stare back from your brow in time,
Money comes with age. Live your life.

So why not try; take your chance.
Who knows,
could be your last.
Imagine what you can gain.
It’s only a consolation prize, true,
But what’s worked hardest for is cherished most,

The escapade…
You’ll always remember the chilling, breath taking trek to the ends of the earth,
That’s where the real prize lies.

True, you’ll probably search for your life, and you’ll probably find it
But why not take it now?
It’s not a game of skill, no ones good,
Its luck, always been luck, and always will be.
You’ll learn, you’ll learn not to regret, you’ll learn to survive.
It’s a game, a gamble, a risk, and fun…
You’ll thank your self later,
That chance, you’ll regret taking it now?
But in a few years?
Definitely not..
As the sands of time sink to the bottom of the hourglass, you’ll wish—
Wish for more time,
Wish for more money,
But never wish to have lived.

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