Show Time

March 6, 2008
By Jordan Clark Clark, Clarkston, MI

I love dunking on Carson.
Although i have dunked
Many, many times,
When i see that defender in my path to the basket,
i attack like a lion on its prey.
I build up so much
and Emotion,
that when i throw down a
Tomahawk dunk in Carson's face,
The building erupts.
After, as i'm jogging back on defense
I shake my finger back and forth
like Dikembe Mutumbo
and nod my head as if to say
"Don't bring that weak junk in my house"
As this occurs, i can see his shoulders hunch over,
his head faces the floor,
and he walks as if his mom just told him he is a bad son.
Now i know i'm in his head
There is no stopping me.
Show time on cry baby Carson.
I watch in dismay.
I think about cutting him some slack, and then
i laugh to myself and realize he'll be able to cry to his mommy.
Now as we're grown,
Every week when Carson comes to pick up my trash,
He still can't look me in the eyes,
For he is still ashamed of receiving such a brutal beating.

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