On Company, On

March 6, 2008
By Joshua Goad, Cincinnati, OH

With foot in front of foot they take the hill,
With powder blackened hands they grab the grass.
They fight and know the outcome may be ill
But still they fight the bleakness to the last.

On company, on the man behind will scream,
Determination set into his tone,
Bullets grace them all like heaven’s song serene
And heaven yields not them departing home.

Is victory not far for all to see?
As enemy steps foot on common ground
The people strike and sing a single key,
Now all are fighting, harmonies abound.

Up hand in hand the greater good succeeds.
Yet many men and women lost their lives,
For not in vain these people followed creed.
Their lives are bound to use and we shall rise.

I know not family or even a name,
I love this land and love you all the same.

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