Answer the Call

March 6, 2008
By Elizabeth Yu, Clarkston, MI

BLIND of the world around,
Living day in—day out without a sound.
Getting closer CLOSER CLOSER…
the alluring smell, the sweet taste, the lingering touch,
but turning away from its pleading call.

It calls from within,
so thunderous, so desperate, trying to escape—
calling out with every beat, with every beat it calls out
and with every beat it is

Why don’t you listen? Why don’t you care?
For life is short, bitter and sweet–
You get one chance, one try
with no repeat.

So answer that call–
answer that plead.
Stand up and take that plunge, take that dive:
Turn back around
and run
don’t walk,
reach out and grasp it, embrace it,
use it.

If you don’t,
Time won’t wait;
life goes by–
the calling gets softer, weaker,

So go… answer the call

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