The Season Of Winter

August 14, 2011
By Scenimo GOLD, Seminole, Florida
Scenimo GOLD, Seminole, Florida
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Snow drops are tumbling from the sky,
Some are just floating by,
They land on the ground piling on topf of each other one by one,
But take careful caution,

Wind is blowing forceful,
When it hits you it feels awful,
Feeling like millions of chips of glass,
Sad 'cause you can't see the green grass,

Three feet,five inches,
You better be wearing britches,
If you're short like me you'll be buried mid arm deep,
You won't be able to run so you'll have to creep,

Swishswash trying to get out,
It's hard so shout,
Once out your covered in snow,
Realizing that winter is just a show.

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