Nothing is Fair

March 6, 2008
Nothing is fair. Nothing. You can push, push, push, and still get nothing. But that’s the beauty of life. So you broke up with your boyfriend? Big whoop. A three-year-old just died of AIDS in Africa. You lost your job? Shucks. Someone just lost their home, car, and family because they’ve gambled all their money away. Be damn glad you have a second chance. Yeah, you may have lost your boyfriend and job in the same day; but you also just began another adventure. A fresh start. A clean slate. Go to the bar, get a few numbers. Tomorrow you can go through the help wanted ads. But DO NOT start giving up. Life is bigger than you. There are 6 billion other people that have more serious problems. Stop focusing on the negative and try having faith. Once you think negatively, it becomes your reality. You lost your boyfriend and you hear yourself say: I’ll never find love again. Uh-Oh! Now you’re 45 and single! WAKE UP! Open your eyes and see that you can have everything in the world. If you have no faith in life, love, or anything you do, you may as well be dead. I mean c’mon, this is America right? Home of the free? Land of the prosperous? Get back in the game and start living. Times are hard, but all you have to do is keep pushing. Just keep pushing. Don’t back down. Don’t give up. Hope for the best and accept nothing less. Even if you go down, go down swinging. Because life isn’t fair; and it’s the fight that makes it worthwhile. That’s the only way to live.

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