He Is Standing There With All His Friends

August 14, 2011
By whisperofthewind SILVER, Warren, Rhode Island
whisperofthewind SILVER, Warren, Rhode Island
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He is standing there with all his friends-
The most popular boy at school-
Making fun of that one girl,
That lonely lovesick fool.

She is watching him with big eyes
And a smile on he face.
She doesn’t care that people are laughing
Or that to the girl’s she is a disgrace.

They are all joking
And pushing each other about.
The boy’s friends wonder if
They can kick the girl out.

What they don’t know is that
After a short while,
The lovesick girl texts him
And the popular boy responds with a flirty smile.

The fact is that this popular boy
Really truly loves this girl.
If he could, he would build her a throne
And give her the whole entire world.

He dreams of her every night
And puts her picture on his nightstand.
He doesn’t know how to step up though
And be a real man.

The girl doesn’t care,
She’ll take what he can give.
All she knows is that
When she’s with him, she can really live.

No one knows of their secret passion
Or of the way they really feel.
No one knows of the fact
That their love is really truly real.

The popular boy forces a laugh
And pretends to push her away
When she comes up to his lunch table
And puts down her tray.

He calls her a bunch of names
And tells her to get a life.
Meanwhile, he’s really dreaming of
What it would be like to have her as his wife.

She looks away and starts to cry
In front of the whole school.
Everyone stops and gawks
As the popular boys call her “Drool”.

Time stops and for a moment,
The boy wonders if this is it.
The chance he has to stand up
And confess that he has been a twit.

But then the chance has passed
And the girl has fled the rooms.
The boy sits back down with his friends
But in his head, his conscience looms.

What a horrid thing he has done,
He should be beaten up.
But no one would ever do that,
Not even if he didn’t look so tough.

They all look up and admire this boy,
This strange apparition of high school trust.
What they don’t understand is that, to him,
Being with this girl is a must.

She is standing in the bathroom,
Gazing into the mirror,
Wondering why this always happens,
Why they all taunt her and pretend they fear her?

She hates this, she hates this.
She wants to punch the wall.
Maybe that will make it better,
Maybe she will be able to stand tall.

But alas, all it does,
Is leave her with a bloody fist.
At least she knows she has good aim,
Because she didn’t miss.

She wonders if she should go out
And put on a brave face,
If she should go up to that boy
And spray his eyes with Mace.

But no, she will not,
Because she is that forgiving, lonely, lovesick girl.
She would never take revenge or hurt somebody,
She’d never give it a whirl.

She comes out of the bathroom,
Her eyes all wiped and clean.
Her outfit is all straightened out
And no one’s acting mean.

She takes out her trusty phone
And sees a text from him.
She wonders if it’s an apology
Or just a “hello” on a whim.

The boy is standing by his locker,
Feeling so alone.
How could he have done this?
He heaves a low pained moan.

The text reads very easily
“This isn’t a good thing”.
The girl slams her phone shut
And throws it so it can’t ring.

They both go home and stare at pictures
Placed hidden along their houses.
They are both fairly silent,
Like the sound of water that douses.

So alone and so crowded
Is the popular boy.
It was all real,
But maybe his mind convinced him that love was a toy.

So empty and so sad
Is the lovesick girl.
It was all real,
And she knew that without giving her metaphorical wand a twirl.

The next day the boy receives a text message
From that poor empty one.
It says that he must be glad
To be able to get out and have some fun.

He rushes out to her house
And taps on her window.
He waits and waits for hours,
Standing down below.

She doesn’t end up answering
And he goes home alone.
He doesn’t feel so high and mighty anymore,
There’s no need for a throne.

The next day at school he goes to look for her
But she is no where to be found.
He calls up her family
But they say she isn’t around.

A stress-filled day later,
He receives the call.
The girl was found finally-
On the rocks beneath the waterfall.

The boy cries and cries all day and night,
No longer caring who sees.
Why didn’t he do what he should have?
Why did he swat her away like bees?

The horror that has unfolded
Brings to mind the meaning of life.
What are we here for?
To master some talent? To play the fife?

That’s what this boy wonders
As he stares at his wall.
Why did he break her like that?
Why couldn’t he just take her to the mall?

Why couldn’t he just take her hand
And smile at her in front of everyone?
Why did he have to keep up his reputation
And pretend to love no one?

Why did he live in his dream world,
When things could have been much better?
Why did he have to end it,
When this girl could have been his forever?

It really all started the day they found out
That she indeed liked him.
They though that it was funny,
That is was a stupid, silly whim.

He thought that if he just went along
Everything would be okay.
He thought that they really wouldn’t care
About stuff like that one day.

Really, what does it matter,
If a nice boy likes a nice girl?
If a nice girl likes a nice boy?
Why do we have to involve the whole world?

Why can’t it just go like this,
Like a storybook ending,
Like the things we dream about,
Not like something that is pending?

He is standing there with all his friends-
The most popular boy at school-
Gazing upon that one girl,
That happy well-loved person who isn’t a fool.

The author's comments:
A poem about giving in to peer pressure.

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