Nana: The Loss of one of my Great Grandmas

August 14, 2011
She hadn’t been doing well for a while
But I never considered this would happen
She had a stroke and went to the hospital then

I expected things to be fine
But the next day she was sent home
To wait the short time `til heaven would be hers to roam

We went to say goodbye
Because, that night she’d probably die
And be reunited with her parents
She’d escape the disease that acted as a fence

We walked into the house
And she lay on a bed in the front room
Looking as fragile as a mouse
As she waited for the tomb

People acted happy
As if it were a typical visit
When things were crappy
And they were hurting inside because of it

We told her we love her
And I tried not to cry
As I recalled how things were
But I said goodbye

In the car we sat
Waiting for Dad to say goodbye to his grandma
And I tried not to cry as I thought of all that

Mom asked us if we were okay
I lied and said I was
But our great grandma probably wouldn’t make it to the next day

Nana died the next week
At 12:07 a.m.
Wednesday morning

It hurt
As I thought of everything that wouldn’t happen again
But she’s in comfort

I hate looking at her dead body
Because it’s not Nana
It looks like she did
Before the disease claimed her mind
Except for the needle’s bruise that is hid
That they knew nobody would find
It’s not her because she is not her body
She is her soul
The body in the casket is our society’s need for materialistic things

Christmas won’t be the same
Neither will Thanksgiving
Because she’s no longer living
But she’s better off
No more sickness

We’ll all miss her
How could we not?
Of that, I am sure
Because we all love her a lot

We’ll hurt and we’ll grieve
We’ll miss her and some will cry
And, for a bit, wear our hearts on our sleeve
But it’ll pass

We’ll never forget her
But we’ll get over the sadness
Comforted by the thought that she’s better
And happier

We all knew it was coming
So it will be okay
And we may
See her again soon.

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