Why Should I

March 5, 2008
Why should I have to walk in your shoes?
There is no fairness in this decision.
I can’t make sense of this new style;
I should not have to break this silence.

Since when have friends not been enough?
What happened to movies, scooters, bikes?
Nothing seems to be enough anymore
not for you
Now I must be swept away too?

In the end its your decision
I know and accept the truth
But in the end I doubt you will listen
my words like tears will fall;

When I do choose to voice my convictions
The way you look at me:
Amused, knowing,
As you easily rehearse
“I used to be the exact same way
at your age. You’ll change.”
But now you are nothing like me.

How can I even pray to endure
An endless wash of sick adherents
This endless accepting of just not caring
Walking down halls,
with dead staring.

I used to trust you with all my heart,
hallowed, devoted, revered,
Its now your choices that tear me apart
Everything I was sure of.
When you take that shot
That hit
Do you really think anyone cares?
You don’t.

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