March 5, 2008
Such a small word, but the hardest to find
A word lost to man, but withstanding the countdown of time
Said so much, but known by little
The hearts compassion, a bond over time turning brittle
A big word, within such a small number of letters
A word used to bring on peace, but among us all has caused so many battles
Who thought of this word, what made them think of it?
Probably a man with lust, which once it was gone wished he’d never written it
I can’t comprehend this word for nothing
A word great once found, only presented to those with that special something
It’s a word you can find in the best of people
A good story at first, but always followed by a tragic sequel
Often you can’t even find it in those closest to you
A shame for numerous reasons, yet so true
Damn, I’ve come to shutter at the mention of this word
A word always used to describe, but never as a verb
It’s so close, yet beyond my grasp
Might be in my future, but misplaced in my past
This word is imaginary just like the word trust
Once I thought I could love but it was only lust
Only time I understand the word, is once it’s too late
Feeling and listening, though all obstacles as I wait
Love what a bottomless word
Comprehended by some people, but to me extremely absurd
The meaning may mean to believe
Then I only love god
The meaning may mean to care
Then I only love myself
Love, man somebody eliminate this from my mind
I’m getting irritated from searching for a rumor I can’t find
4 letters that are meant to mean so much
Impulses sent through the body, when the lips touch
I once thought I found it but I misunderstood
Mistaking something bad because I wished it was good
I hate this word with a passion (no homo I called it)
But once found the definitions don’t truly embody it
But I can’t love anyone for some reason it seems
Not even the perfect image in my dreams

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