Ode to a Last Kiss

March 5, 2008
By Rachel Hampton, Clarkston, MI

I long for that sweet taste
your rose bud lips did hold,
I find you cannot go replaced;
I find my life has gone cold,
Something so delicious
will not be felt the same way.
That last kiss
left me in disarray.
The pain ceasing to numb
It is all unreal,

The way we came to an end.

But even the summers fade
and those you thought could be trusted
will turn and leave you, betrayed
and time leaves memories lost
and the clock refuses to stop
to go back to what happened before,

The time I loved you.

And to think I want to complain.
The realization of false hopeā€¦
Is this a matter of me being vain?
Or a vent of my frustration?

I had only hoped for one last kiss.

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