Sestina of Blood and Rain

August 17, 2011
We roll around, amidst the blood-
Stained sheets and I whisper “Kill me
Before you leave. I
Don’t want to be lonely
Like when it rained.”
I have a soul,
But it is useless without you. I am soulless
Without you. A body without blood,
An Earth without rain,
You make me
Whole, so don’t leave me alone.
Without you I
Am nothing. Words are nothing…I
Keep what you gave me, a soul
But please, don’t leave me alone
With all this “blood”
That is really the sin in me.
The sin, incurable by rain,
Rain that purifies all. “Be my rain,
Please, clean my slate, I
Need you to purify me,
To cleanse my soul
From all this ‘blood’
And wash away my loneliness.”
Loneliness that was forged by the bloody walls of a lone
Girl, in a rainless
World of blood.
That’s me, I
Am the girl with no soul
Can you accept me?
“Will you stay with me?”
I ask, “I don’t want to be alone
I’m not daemon; I won’t take your soul.
Just be my rain
Until you say ‘No longer can I
Be by someone, so stained with blood.’”
To which you said, “Me? I will be your rain
And wash your loneliness away. I don’t care
If your soul is bloodier than any other, you are my friend.”

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