Do you remember?

August 17, 2011
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Remember when we dreamed with no consequence,
We laughed in irony and threw away common sense.
Cried on each others shoulder in desperate times,
Sat close listing carefully to each others whines.
Remember when the swings were out escape to the sky,
Kicking off our shoes then watching them fly.
Dancing to our favorite songs, outside in the blistering cold,
Remember these things, when we weren’t so old?
We were gullible, to the worlds lies, we were young,
Although we lived in happiness danger was still among.
But now I see the problems I cannot turn to face,
Now its to the future I must embrace.
But I remember those days when nothing mattered.
When fairytales were true and nothing was shattered.
My life was nothing but playing in the sand,
I always had family and friend to guide me with their hand.
But now I must break away to find myself and where I fit,
In the end I will still with I was a kid a bit.
Do you remember?

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