Child Abuse

August 15, 2011
By Youngstaa BRONZE, San Jose, California
Youngstaa BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Where's the love in this world, has it all disappeared ?
There's kids getting abused but no one interferes
Are they too scared, or they just don't care ?
If you ask me that's all pretty cold
And it just ain't fair
They got the kids pretty controlled
To some it's just a way of life,
The way the grew up
They even been threatened with the knife
It's just a family secret they gotta keep
Deep inside all they do is weep
Hoping for them better days to come
But until then they're all pretty glum
Many don't have brand new shoes
All kus the parent prefers to buy booze
I don't know about y'all but I'm against child abuse
Come on seriously what's the f***en use !?
The kids getting older
The world's getting colder
And the kid is tired of carrying the world over their shoulder
It's all just an abusive cycle
The parent were most likely abused as well
But they gotta realize that it's not the kid's fault and at least be mindful
And we gotta help these poor helpless children
Before they start developing these horrible visions
If we don't act now they will grow with hatred
They won't believe in anything that has to do with being sacred

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