Deep Down

August 8, 2011
A time, a place, something to remember
Something to forget forever and ever

I forgot to forget you, and now I am lost
I am like driftwood in a sea being tossed

Stuck in a hole, and I can't get out
Digging it deeper and deeper with doubt

I'm almost out and then I fall back
Into the hole where the darkness is black

Pile on, pile on, dirt by the pounds
Hard to breathe, hard to breathe, hearing no sounds

Deeper and deeper and deeper still
Dirt is heaped on until it is filled

And then, only then, does the weight stop
Then, only then, is there light at the top

I pull at the soil; try to climb out
And when I'm up higher, I let out a shout

No one can hear me; I'm still stuck in this hole
The dark is much darker, much darker than coal

Just then a hand, a hand reaches down
It grabs me, it pulls me, till I'm above ground

I was saved, even after all that I did
Even though I was so deeply hid

I am free for a time, a time worth the wait
Until I fall back into the hole of my fate

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