Once Ever Four Years Brings Tears

March 5, 2008
It happened once every four years
We picked up and moved

Wasn’t a choice I had approved
A day filled with emotion and tears

February 29th was the day it occurred
From one town to another, I felt out of place
The world was passing me by, as if I got erased
The whole day; completely blurred

I was so different from everyone there
Groups of friends were already made
Being in a clique would’ve made me wish I stayed
When I walked past groups of friends, they would all stop and stare

It was the first year in my new domain
I actually made more than one friend
I told my parents not to move, but they didn’t comprehend
It was the first place I wanted to remain

For the first time in my life I had someone to tell secrets to
Fun and laughter was all that we shared
My past experiences left me unprepared
I knew finding friends was well overdue

It happened once every four years
This time, the tears weren’t for sorrow
I knew that I would be okay tomorrow
A day filled with emotion and tears

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