Sadness Colored the Ocean Blue

March 4, 2008
By Tamira Borecky, Hutchinson, KS

I sailed across,
The ocean blue
With my love who once was true.
He promised he would give me the world,
Instead he shattered my faith in the Lord.

The wind whispered in my ear,
‘Jump out of the boat, sweet child,
For how could he not love,
With his lover so near?’

‘Swim to land,
For he is your safe shore,
No longer, no more.”

I jumped out and started swimming,
But gone with my lover,
Was my strength and my soul.
How could I hope,
To fall in love with any other?

My first love who once was true,
Watched me drown
Into the ocean,
That once was grey,
But now is blue

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