The Great Awakening

March 3, 2008
By Alejandro Santillan, Farmersville, CA

I think I’m going crazy or that’s what they say
It must be all this knowledge or the lack of faith
I doubt my creator I don’t want to believe
Maybe if I read the bible that will be my relieve
I see children crying because they are hungry

Where is that god they claim? Is he grumpy?
I will just help all of them myself I say

But it is impossible there is no way
We don’t help each other that’s why there’s suffering
Many are here but don’t even want to give a bean
They don’t do it for because they care but for fame
Maybe that’s why god is invisible so that we learn to cooperate
Maybe I was destined to write this poem to find out the truth
The truth that God exist and there’s enough proof
Probably I can get some answers from god
Without answers I fell like water without a pot
I say that words target the mind
And with this poem answers you’ll find
This may be another Great Awakening
God is calling the phone is ringing
Maybe I am crazy maybe I am not
Maybe I’m just a soul looking for God

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