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The Love That Never Could

August 6, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Bittersweet this aftertaste is revolting on my tongue

You were just an afterthought and an aftermath one light I shun

Afterwards you lost your touch sense of who you really are

Come on let's pretend that you're really the sweetest smelling rose

You aimed for the sun and shot for the stars

But this poison thorn in which I've touched the resentment still grows

There was a time and place where I thought you were the one for me

But now the storm is howling on and on, easy for anyone to see

Upon the murky waters in my heart there is an unstable calm

That was once relaxed by the touch of my cheek her caressing palm

Echoes of this ghost inside, I don't know why we said goodbye

I hope that light veiled beneath her eyes are the windows to her soul

I must confess this crime of passions raging fires chilled into dying embers cold

Questions lurking in the eye, the hurricane sweeps away valid lies

So I'm no longer asking why, No longer wondering why I tried

I will dive into a river of no return if it means her love I earned

Once upon a time I thought that was all I ever wanted

Now by the ghost light I realize my memories are haunted

Sit alone in the gutter just hoping for some bread and butter

Shed a tear cause I'm missing you, I'm still alright to smile

It will all be ok for us in just a little while

The rain outside does hate me, it stains my heart and taints me

I'm just sorry it ended this way.....all your grief it pains me

But I will walk these city streets alone at night, out of mind and out of sight

Please don't forget me baby, I won't let you down

If I kiss you will that smile turn into a frown?

You always knew I was misunderstood, tried to fit in but never could

But calm yourself now and let's enjoy the silence while we can

Even when I'm dead my spirit will live on if you just take my hand

And remember not the arguing, the times we both were sad

Just kiss me one more time before I ever go and I'll be glad

The author's comments:
Love and feeling regret

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