Life Goes on Like the Ticking Crocodile In The Movie Peter Pan

March 2, 2008
The scars run deep within his tatooed body.He hurts inside with fear and flashbacks of his past.As he listens to music that screams out what he truly feels,he sheds clear raindrops that come from his sky watery blue eyes that ignite with passionate fire. His heart beats like the drums beyond the river of dreams that open up the door to a new path in the heavens of love. His hands turn red as the color of our blood when it hits the cold air. His veins popped like the cap of an old rusted can sitting alone and that is ready to open up tonew adventures. His hairs on his arms stand up with a feeling of something unexpected. He starts to get goosebumps as the chill of the night becomes colder and colder as the night of Titanic went down in 1986. He walks towards the mirror and looks down at the sink and splashes hot water on his face to calm his constant nerves. He punches the steel mirror that shatters into a million broken-hearted peices. Agression,pain,hurt,and hate.But where is the love at...where is the passion that he once had,what ever had happened to the person who feels sad and hopeless;let them go and discover the peaceful side ddep within you...dont let the torn soul become the person who you truly are..let the ggod come out and breath the fresh air blowing through the grren grass trees...Be gracious and beautiful we organisms are not perfect..whom speaks such foul words has not yet realized to whom they are hurting..let all of it go and belien=ve beyond the bright white stars....

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