Is the One I LIke the One I Love?

March 1, 2008
is the one i like the one i love?
and is the one i love still the one i like?
threw our corded conversations i grow close to her
and with every kiss of the other i distance myself
shes taken so im forzen in the feeling
but with the other the love song becomes routine
shes so many miles away
yet the other is silently sleeping on my doorstep
she cries and laughs but within the same moment with me
and the other seems to plaster her smile with the obession as her heart stays glued to my figure
with every glimpse of the pixeled perfection i realize what might be
and with every ponder of the other i notice the repetitive lifestyle i scold others for
her stories of dreams and of daily events make me giggle
as the other humors me as she tries to compete
i struggle to decide
but for now im stuck with the other

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