March 1, 2008
By Sitav Nabi, Cedar Grove, NJ

The laughter and thoughtfulness
of true humanity echoes
among the buried walls of newlyfound civilization.
Is it my blood that makes me human?
Or my mind?
What is it to be human?
And of what honor and dignity?
Why do we think of ourselves to be so superior?
We are not.
In doing so, we have lost our sense of humanity to civilzation, shame, and survival.
We have machines, technology, and other mechanics that keep us alive, when long ago all we needed were the stars to keep us moving.
When all is clear, one gets and millions give.
The fairness and equality is gone, yet it never existed..
We are destroying what gave us life.
We are destroying life itself.
Why do we exist?
For now, to be a human is to be a monster

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