Euphoria 2003

February 29, 2008
By Amanda Jones, Old Bridge, NJ

Ecstasy the definition
Of the vision
Of pure pleasure
No measure
To define
The moments
We treasure
In time
Rapture captured
Among the stature’s
Bringin’ all
Allure lusting away from heaven’s call
Bringin’ us down
Heaven’s loll
Picking us up and down the roller coaster
Lookin for the most her
Family could give
Let her live
Let her breathe
Euphoria for 2003

Back to Harlem’s Renaissance
The days of lost innocence
The revival for survival
The rebirth unearthed
For freedom at last
Coming fast
Making her faint
In a cloud of euphoria
The letter E
Never bringing her back
Can’t even see
Before her eyes
The demise of Family
Renaissance of the future
Stuck in the stupor
Of the letter E
Renaissance Euphoria 2003

Hip Hop Rock Jazz
Musical influence
Encouraged truants
Of their truancy
Complete lunacy
From the letter E
Run away, run away
Absences never go unnoticed
They say
I guess it’s true
I noticed you
You said you come back one day
Gone though like the history
Of us
It’s no mystery that I doubt your trust
After you bust through
Doing what you do
Chasing euphoria
When it was right in front of you
Hunger for the taste
Took you to chase
The letter E
Euphoria 2003

Wanting to fly
Touch the sky
Brought her after
Her disaster
The way the pen
Wouldn’t lend
Her its word
Sent her to gird
Desire for every other letter
I wished you’d get better
But you only wanted more
Implore a new way of thought
Your core launching a shot
Through her veins
She needed more
Switched to the canes
Easily attained
Easily comes to she
Euphoria 2003

Burning embers
Smoldering ashes
Who remembers
All the crashes
No longer wings you have
So more you must grab
Desperation through your being
Collation you’re only seeing
Collation of the letter E
No one else of importance
No discordance
Sent to your brain
Eternity lost to the flame
Life lost chasing the game
All that matters is the letter E
The days go by and you start to cry
For the loss
The loss of
Euphoria 2003

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